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Orange Pi 5

New Products

We focus on developing wearable smart devices with health management as the core, taking care of your health in all aspects and being your personal health butler.

Smart Aging Solutions

Who We Are

We are committed to bringing convenient intelligent health services to everyone in the world and helping people establish good health management habits. Based on human senses, we design and manufacture wearable devices with "health management" as the core. You can enjoy the health protection brought by smart wearable devices anytime and anywhere; Based on the open hardware ecology, cloud computing and Internet of things platform capabilities, we provide hospitals, medical service institutions, medical enterprises, elderly care institutions, etc. with intelligent medical services integrating software and hardware, helping them establish a comprehensive intelligent medical service system to meet the medical and health needs of different scenarios.

Our Thinking

The ultimate products and better experience are the goals we have been pursuing. We believe that in the future, people will transition to an orderly and healthy lifestyle, and health management will become a habit. The future medical model will shift from disease diagnosis and treatment to disease prevention, and sleep, sub-health and chronic disease management will receive More attention. At the same time, better medical experience, such as convenience and comfort, is as important as product function. The ultimate pursuit of products and experience is the source of our creativity, and the improvement of human health management is our faith and courage.

Why Choose Us

We regard health management as the behavior of the whole life cycle of an individual. We can continuously monitor, control and trace the user's health data, and establish the user's lifetime health management file; We have More than 70% of R & D personnel, and have obtained hundreds of patents and software copyrights; We have compound cross talents in the fields of big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, and focus on continuous upgrading and iteration of products; Based on human senses, we put the user experience in the same position as the product function. We provide not only health products, but also a health management concept.


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